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      Orion Comp Winding film coating equipment







      400mm to 2,000 mm flexible substrates presented in a free span orientation enabling the widest range of configurations, ideal for high temperature and corrosive processes.

      The Orion-Free series is a modular deposition platform with an almost unlimited range of configurations. Standard roll handling and drive mechanisms are incorporated into customized deposition zones. Mustang’s open chamber design principals provides source configuration flexibility while enabling the rapid preventative maintenance cycles that make the Orion series one of the highest up time tools available for roll-to-roll deposition.

      Temperature ramping, cooling and uniformity are key drivers in large format flexible substrate deposition. The Orion-Free provides a platform for a wide range of heating, cooling and deposition source configurations.

      Single or dual side touch of flexible substrates is offered for the full range of web widths along with optional interleaf to provide substrate and thin film layer protection throughout the manufacturing process.

      Wind and unwind chambers are isolated from the deposition area allowing for rapid roll changes without exposing the process area to atmosphere. The Orion Series achieves unparalleled uptime by achieving complete roll changes in less than 3 hours.

      Several configurations are available to optimize the process based on temperature, deposition methodology, source size and orientation.

      Top Loading
      Up to 12 Front Side and
      4 Back Side Sources
      Single Side touch

      20 – 50CM Side Loading
      6 Front Side Deposition Sources

      SP Orion
      Low Profile
      2-14 Cathodes
      Dual Side Touch


      90 Inch Precision Temperature Controlled Drum Diameter

      • +/- 1 % or 1 Degree temperature control across drum surface area
      • -100 C to + 300C Temperature configurations
      • Web Speed Options
        • 0.1 – 5 Meters Per Minute (+/- X % Speed Accuracy)
        • 1.0 – 15 Meters Per Minute (+/- X % Speed Accuracy)
        • 10 – 50 Meters per minute (+/- X % Speed Accuracy)

      Differentially pumped deposition zones provide for 2 sources per zone.

      • X Deposition Zones for Front Side Coatings Totaling up to X Source Positions
      • X Deposition Zones for Back Side Coatings totaling up to X Source Positions

      Deposition Options

      • Rotatable or Planar Magnetron Sputter Cathodes
      • Standard Power Configurations – RF, Pulsed DC, DC, AC and HIPIMS
      • Each Deposition Position can also be configured for the following deposition sources
      • PECVD, Ion Source, XXXXX

      Facility Requirements

      • Approximate System Dimensions – Length , Width and Clearance Area
      • Dedicated Chilled Water System
      • Power requirements dependent on source configuration
      • Multiple dedicated earth grounding connections\
      • Clean Room Compatability
      • Network connection or dedicated phone line





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